Friday, 2 May 2014

Best Tourist Destinations in India

To be honest, I travel a lot almost every part of India and I find that each and every place in India has its own significance. But for now I want to recommend some places which are the most beautiful places in India.

Some best Tourist Destinations according to me

1) North-East-Assam and whole North-East India is the best place to enjoy the natural beauty

2) Kolkata- It is the biggest metropolitan and a city where you can find everything

3) Odessa-Bhubaneswar is the city of temples

4) Rajasthan-Jaipur is the most beautiful city in India

5) Gujrat

6) Delhi

There are many more,but these cities really contain the real taste of India

Sunday, 6 April 2014

What is Search engine optimization (SEO)? A glimpse From My Coming book

What is SEO?

Wow, that's too small question!! But its answer is much larger.

            Here I will try to answer it in simplest words and make you learn SEO, so that you can apply it to your site instantly. So lets start it.

So if you want to buy a shoe online what would you type on google or any search engine? It may be like "online Shoe" or "buy Shoe online" or "Online buy shoe In US". The sentences that you   typing are called keywords and the main thing in SEO is to ranking a site for  particular keywords in the Google search results (i will consider google search engine here).

Understood? Let me tell you in details
            When you type something in google, you find, search results, on a page there are 10 search results (avoiding ads) and I bet you will click the first one or second or sometimes may be tired but not below
             So if i am running an eCommerce site or an online business and i always come forth or fifth or bellow in the search results, then I am losing lots of money in each second. THAT'S A BIG PROBLEM IS NOT IT? That's why we need SEOs.

Send your sites and queries for seo help and support

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ask Me Anything ,What You Want to Know About India

Ask me anything about India, your travel queries, best places to visit, How to solve a problem while you travelling?

Comment your Questions in this post and I will answer you.

Travel and Safety Tips for Tourists

Here are some tips for tourist who are planning to come India

1. Never travel alone (its best to travel with a companion)

2. Never go for an auto or taxi which is very near to airport or train station- Walk some distance and you will find a good auto/taxi

3. If you didn't book any hotel then ask the locals which hotel is good, don't ask autowalas about it and don't take their accommodation

4. Never fight with locals

5. Respect all religion and especially Hinduism

If you Need any kind of suggestions please mail me at

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Mysterious Sun Temple of Konark

According to the Myth When Portuguese ships were passing near the sea of Konark they saw their compasses were deflected and they lost the direction and  clueless about which way to go, so they ported on the beach of Konark and they found the sun temple and a huge magnet on the top of the it. So, they took the magnet with them. That's the myth.

I have been there for two or three times I did lots of research on that, so I am going to tell you something which you  don't know.

The sun temple is for the Sun god but there is no Idol  in there, according to the myth, it was  cursed by the Gods and no worship is done there. 

These stories go like, a boy committed suicide from the top of the temple in the final days when it was about to finish. But The boy was not an ordinary boy, he was the son of chief engineer of the sun temple project. So the sun god denied to take any worship and it was abandoned for centuries.

Actually know one knows where the original sun idol is!! Some myths say it was buried in the beach of Konark by the Pandas so that no one can get this, so the beach of Konark is also cursed, and any one dare to take bath on that beach.

I will tell you more in my next blog so keep reading.